Oh, sure, of course they are relentless, unstoppable, perseverance to the power of 10, a "no prisoners" type, no doubt, and maybe even a member of the Ayn Rand Institute. Yes, it takes balls to challenge an industry, yes it takes guts to take on any and all problems that pop up in a business, and yes it is difficult to come to an "actual answer" not born of a committee of bureaucrats, someone has to eventually pull the trigger.
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Still, if it is an innate characteristic of the individual entrepreneur who thinks like that, it's no longer of courage, unfortunately, it's also somewhat predictable, which can be problematic. A true statesman would use the art of diplomacy to get their way (I want the best way) knowing that often; "discretion is the better part of valor" and you shouldn't fight battles you can't win, in fact, if we wish to Sun Tzu it, we could say, you shouldn't fight any unless you have too.
The entrepreneurial type just forges ahead, damns the torpedoes and either succeeds or fails, you got to love them. Anyway, as in anything in life, there is a fine line between Bravery and Stupidity, you have to know the limits. And generally, they judge someone after the cleaners in York have cleaned to perfection.. So, if you win, you are brave and there you stand, but if you become a Darwin Award winner, well there you were. Please think on this.


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